Spiritual Growth


The Salvation Army is not only part of the Christian church but also a ‘holiness movement’ whose members seek to become more like Jesus Christ through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Personal devotions and worship together in the community of believers are vital parts of Salvation Army spiritual life, as are Bible study, prayer and meditation. We provide an online course of readings in our Daily Bible Reading GuideDaily Prayers to help you centre your personal prayer time, and a Pause for Thought for your meditations.

Our Centre for Spiritual Life Development provides many helpful resources and co-ordinates The Salvation Army’s 24-7 Prayer initiative.

Spiritual Growth


Prayer is vital to the work of The Salvation Army and we take it very seriously.

Worldwide Prayer Meeting takes place every Thursday morning – people are encouraged to commit to a specific half-hour time slot and prayer for the mission of the international Salvation Army. The prayer meeting, introduced by General Linda Bond, has been likened to a ‘Mexican wave of prayer’, as it continues in each international time zone. Currently, 129 different countries are represented – thousands of people around the world pray each week.

Since January 2011 Salvationists from around the world have also been called to 24-7 Prayer. This involves united, focused intercession – the need for justice for the oppressed: a day-and-night cry for justice.

To help you spend daily time with God, we’ve selected a prayer for each day. We hope you will be inspired, helped and blessed by them. More than that, we pray that a quiet time with God becomes a regular fixture in your life.


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