SPATEX — charity shop

SPATEX — charity shop

SPATEX is a social enterprise of The Salvation Army in Russia that literally means "salvation through textiles."

It appeared by analogy with the Norwegian FRETEX, which already more than 100 years has been organizing social activities, processing textiles and providing jobs for unemployed, immigrants, people released from prison, elderly people and people with disabilities for this purpose. Thus, the idea of "salvation" is realized, first, the salvage of used textiles (second-hand clothes), and secondly, the salvation of socially unprotected layers of the population by providing jobs.

Today SPATEХ works as a store in Murmansk and St. Petersburg. Its main activity is the sale of the Second-hand clothes at minimal prices. In this activity, local citizens are actively involved, who provide their belongings, some of which are sold through SPATEX.

Thus, the needy people have the opportunity to buy things at low prices, the sales income of which goes to help even more needy — those who do not have a home and, in most cases, no hope.


SPATEX in St. Petersburg:

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SPATEX in Murmansk:

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105120, Moscow, Khlebnikov Pereulok 7/2

+7 (495) 678-03-51, 678-55-14

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