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Winter Events in Command 2019-2020

Winter in the churches of the Salvation Army in Russia, as always, is rich with vivid and memorable events. This is not only a time for the celebration of Christmas and the New Year, but also an opportunity to bring joy and light to those who especially need it at such a time.

These are just a few of the highlights of December and January.

Winter Events in Command 2019-2020

Velikiy Novgorod

In December, volunteers visited the children in the Shimsky orphanage: “The orphanage is a place where children live with hope that a miracle will happen in their life. They really want to be loved, taken care of. We met with the guys from the Shimsky orphanage thanks to a family from St. Petersburg that has worked wonders in children's lives for a long time. We became part of the team that made a small celebration for these childen. Do good deeds so that the children know that miracles do happen.”

Winter Events in Command 2019-2020

In January, Salvationists visited 13 families, congratulated the children on Christmas and presented sweet gifts. Some comments from grateful mothers:

Lina: Thanks for the congratulations! So great! We are very happy! The packaging is wonderful! Very grateful to Ded Moroz and the Snow Maiden!
Julia: Irina, thank you very much for your congratulations! Children are delighted and perplexed. It is very unexpected that Ded Morozs gave presents to everyone and even mom. And your congratulations are real magic for us!

Winter Events in Command 2019-2020 Winter Events in Command 2019-2020

In St. Petersburg, Christmas was held for everyone as part of a feeding program for the homeless.

“Biblical reflection, music, contests, delicious food, gifts, a kind and comfortable atmosphere - today everyone could feel like a family.”

The organizers and participants of this event were the ministers and volunteers of the Salvation Army, as well as Annenkirche, Lutheran Church of St. Anne.

Winter Events in Command 2019-2020

In Elista, Salvationists held celebrations together with the Baptist Church: a church meeting for women, where communities could share their testimonies, glorify God in verses and songs, and in conclusion everyone received pleasant gifts. Also at the Baptist Church was a Christmas puppet show, where the Salvationists were able to bring the Sunday school children and children from large families.

The youth of the Salvation Army visited the children in the village of Iki-Chonos, where they conducted a New Year's program, and each child received new clothes and shoes from the Ark charity center.

And also they did not ignore the elderly people, who also received New Year's gifts and attention!

Winter Events in Command 2019-2020



These are just a few of the good deeds that the Salvationists did this Christmas Season. Holidays were held in all the corps, where those who were so needed to feel warmth and acceptance, care and support were invited. After all, even the most insignificant sign of attention can be a turning point in someone's life.

Winter Events in Command 2019-2020



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