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On June 25, the commissioning ceremony of the Messengers of Grace session took place. There are now three new lieutenants in the Salvation Army in Russia. They begin their ministry from the 1st of July. Lieutenant Igor Lidzheev will serve as an corps officer in Volgograd, and Lieutenants Konstantin and Oksana Rubannikov will serve in Petrozavodsk. We pray for God's protection for them and blessings for their ministry!

To become an officer in the Salvation Army, you must first of all be a Christian who responded to God's call to serve in the Salvation Army. Soldiers serve to the best of their ability and time. Officers are full-time ministers. They are responsible for preaching, teaching the Bible, organizing social services and projects. To do this, it is necessary to undergo training under the officer training program. In the course of training, theological disciplines are studied and practical skills of the ministry are mastered. Particular attention is paid to the spiritual formation of future ministers.

The commissioning ceremony can be viewed here:


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