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Results of Self-Denail Appeal 2019 BE THE CHANGE

On October 20, all the churches of the Salvation Army in Russia held the annual Self-Denial Appeal "Be The Change."

Our result this year is 479.628 rubles. This is the best result for all the years of participation in the Appeal, since 2003.

Congratulations to all of you on this achievement! You, along with the soldiers and friends of the Salvation Army, did a great job of God!

All funds raised will go to the development of the mission and work of the Salvation Army around the world.

Our generosity, kindness and love has poured into rivers and seas and turned into the ocean of God's grace. Salvationists from 131 countries participate in the Appeal every year.

We thank you and ask you to convey our thanks to all participants in the meeting.

May the Lord bless the Salvation Army in Russia and around the world.


With prayers and thanks,

Alexander Kharkov, lieutenant colonel

Commanding Officer


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