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Together we can do more

In the beginning of spring, Russia, along with the whole world, was effected with the rapidly spreading coronavirus infection. Many had to stayin their homes, maintaining a social distance. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to cope successfully in conditions of self-isolation. The widespread closure of offices, shops and restaurants effected the most vulnerable: some lost his job during this time, others are in uncertainty and fear of the future.

The Salvation Army, whose mission includes serving and helping needy people all around the world did not stand aside.

Under the one motto “Together we can do more!” during the spring the SA corps in Russia took an active part in the COVID-19 project, which is aimed at providing material assistance and support to people affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Salvationists, in collaboration with local social protection authorities, collect and deliver essential necessities (products and personal hygiene products) to low-income people, the elderly, families with children, the homeless, and those who lost their jobs during this period.

We are grateful to God for the support from the international Salvation Army, for donations from Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia. We thank all salvationists and volunteers for their selfless work and selfless service in these difficult days. This project works from April to June in those cities of Russia where the Salvation Army serves together with local authorities and non-profit organizations.


Covid-19 Project


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