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Celebration in Petrozavodsk
Celebration in Petrozavodsk

On September 20, 2020, the Salvation Army corps in the city of Petrozavodsk celebrated its 25th anniversary of ministry.

The commanding officer of the Salvation Army in Russia, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Kharkov and his wife joined the celebration.

After the Sunday service, where Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Kharkov shared his message about love, a large festive concert was organized, to which members of the corps, friends from other churches, children and teenagers and their parents were invited. It's so great that the anniversary brought together old and new friends. The evening passed in a very warm and cozy atmosphere.

The concert was opened by a musical group, performing their favorite hymns in an interesting arrangement. It's so wonderful that the group is made up of teenagers who have recently started learning to play musical instruments, but together with older experienced musicians, it turned out very well.

Celebration in Petrozavodsk

For the anniversary, children and teenagers prepared very carefully, and at the concert the choir performed several songs, 2 dance groups prepared 4 dances, and poems were also read. How wonderful it is when children praise the Lord in dances and songs!

Also, a large group of 16 people performed a dance with tambourines. It was a pleasure to receive a video congratulation from the Salvation Army officers who began their journey of faith in Petrozavodsk and now serve in the United States.

We watched the video together, remembered and rejoiced for the ministry of the corps over the past 2 years, and, of course, with all warm words and wishes. We ended such a rich and interesting evening with tea with festive cakes in the form of Army shields. After the meeting everyone has anniversary keychains, a bunch of photos and a lot of positive emotions!

Leonid Badanin, Petrozavodsk Corps Leader 


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